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At Omaira Consulting Group, we understand the importance of securing your business's digital assets and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures your organisation stays ahead of the curve, while mitigating risks and enhancing efficiency.

Data Protection & Privacy: Our expert team of consultants helps your business navigate the complexities of the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, both in the UK and globally. We work closely with you to assess your unique data protection needs, develop tailored strategies, and ensure ongoing compliance. Our commitment to safeguarding your data privacy allows you to focus on what matters most - growing your business.

Cyber Security: In an era of escalating cyber threats, our cyber security services provide a vital layer of protection for your organisation. Our specialists perform comprehensive risk assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and implement robust security measures to mitigate potential attacks. With Omaira, you can be confident that your digital assets are secure, and your business is prepared for cyber challenges.

Partner with Omaira and experience the difference our tailored approach to data protection and cyber security can make. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can elevate your business.


Our Key Services: 


                                                Data Protection & Privacy                                                                             Cyber Security                                          

Gap Analysis GDPR in London and UK

 Gap Analysis & Audits

GDPR in London and UK, Legal Advice and Expert Opinions

Data Protection Officer Services

data protection officers and GDPR in London and UK

Legal Advice & Vendor Contracts


Privacy notices for GDPR in London and UK

Cyber Maturity & Risk Assessments

Training in GDPR in London and UK

Privacy & Cyber Training

document build for GDPR in London and UK

 Cyber Essentials

GDPR in London and UK, DPIA

Express Compliance Accelerator 

Third party management GDPR in London and UK 

Data Subject Access Requests

GDPR in London and UK, data flow mapping 

Data Management and Disposal


GDPR in London and UK, Data protection audit 


data breach management with GDPR in London and UK

Data Breach Management

cyber security and GDPR in London and UK 

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing








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Your Privacy Checkpoint   

Is your business compliant with the latest data protection laws? Discover hidden vulnerabilities and strengthen your data privacy stance with our comprehensive Gap Analysis and Audits.

Struggling to navigate the complexities of data protection and privacy? Let our expert DPO Services guide you through the process, ensuring ongoing compliance and safeguarding your organisation's reputation.

Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing data protection landscape? Fast-track your compliance efforts and peace of mind with our Express Compliance Accelerator. We will get your processes and procedures including your documentation packs done quicker.  

Are you handling or prepared to handle data subject access requests effectively and efficiently? It is a burdensome task. Streamline your response process and maintain compliance with our tailored Data Subject Access Request solutions. Let us handle those requests so you can focus on your business.

Is your organisation managing and disposing of sensitive data securely? Enhance data protection and minimise risks with our Data Management and Disposal services.

Cyber Security Checkpoint 

Is your organisation's cyber defence prepared for evolving threats? Evaluate and enhance your cyber maturity while mitigating risks with our tailored Cyber Maturity & Risk Assessment services.

Are hidden vulnerabilities leaving your business exposed to cyber threats? Uncover and address weaknesses with our comprehensive Penetration & Vulnerability Testing services.

Can your business effectively respond to and recover from a data breach? Strengthen your incident response strategy and minimise impact with our expert Data Breach Management services.

Is your team equipped with the knowledge to prevent cyber attacks and protect sensitive data? Empower your employees with our engaging Privacy & Cyber Training programs.

Looking to demonstrate your commitment to cyber security? Achieve the sought-after Cyber Essentials Certification and build trust with our expert guidance and support.

Are you handling payment card data securely and compliantly? Ensure your business meets the stringent PCI DSS requirements with our specialised compliance services.


 GDPR in London and UK


GDPR company training in London and UK







We Are Here to Help

Your One-Stop Solution for Privacy & Cyber Security: Omaira is here to help organizations of all sizes navigate the complex world of data protection and cyber security. With our tailored, best-practice solutions, we ensure your business stays compliant, secure, and prepared for the evolving digital landscape. Let our expert team guide you through every step of the journey towards a safer, more resilient future.


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Not Sure What You Need Help With?


Your Problem

You're unsure how much your organisation already complies with the GDPR.

Omaira Solution

GDPR Gap Analysis

What This Includes

Get a detailed assessment showing your organisation's current GDPR compliance position, and an effective plan to address the gaps & risks. 

Your Problem

You're not sure what personal data you hold or where it resides.

Omaira Solution

GDPR Data Flow Mapping

What This Includes

Get an inventory of the personal data held & shared by your organisation, and a data flow map of your processes.

Your Problem

You don't know the data protection risks of introducing a new system or process.

Omaira Solution


What This Includes

Get an assessment of the data protection risks associated with your new process and a remediation plan to mitigate those risks.

Your Problem

You need to make sure that staff and management understand their responsibilities under the GDPR.

Omaira Solution

In-House GDPR Training & Awareness

What This Includes

In addition to our certified GDPR training courses, we deliver awareness sessions specifically tailored to your organisation's requirements.

Your Problem

You need help implementing your GDPR compliance project.

Omaira Solution

Data Protection Package

What This Includes

Get support creating your new/adapting your existing data protection programme to comply with GDPR & Data Protection Act 2018.

This includes:

Data Protection Frameworks
Policies & Procedures
Data Processor Management
Information Security
Incident Management
International Data Transfers
Compliance Documentation

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